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A New Path (book)

By Billy Thompson


How Long God (book)

If you have ever grown weary in well doing and your hope has been deferred to the point that your heart has become sick. If you feel that at times your prayers seem to be getting no higher than your own ceiling, or that God is no longer listening. If you are frustrated with the way things are going right now and are crying out for an answer from God then this book is written just for you.




The Field Vs.The Garden (book)

In The Field vs. The Garden, Billy Thompson shows those who desire to live their lives in the presence of God, but often times feel defeated by sin or overwhelmed by temptation how to live a victorious life. In this book you will learn who your enemy is, how he got in, how to get him out, and how to keep him out. You will learn the difference between living your life in the Field (a place of warfare) or in the Garden (a place of peace).







And He gave gifts unto Men (book)