We are a church of prayer. If you have any needs, if there is any way we can support you, please feel free to contact us. Also, on Sunday mornings you can place your prayer requests in the offering.

Every week our Staff and Prayer Connection ministry intercede and stand with you for your prayers to be answered. All prayer needs are kept confidential and are treated with the utmost respect.

Join us for prayer every Sunday morning from 9:00 – 9:45 a.m. in room #102 next to the lobby in the Jack Moore Hall.

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Prayer and Fasting

John Wesley
“Some have exalted religious fasting beyond all scripture and reason, while others have utterly disregarded fasting altogether.”

Prayer and Fasting together increases our spiritual strength and sensitivity to the will of God in our life. Prayer and fasting changes us and not God!

As the lust of forbidden food served as a temptation to create Adam and Eve’s disobedience to God and birthed the law of sin and death in their spirit and in the earth; fasting food and denying the lust of food can be used to minimize the law of sin and death around us and can serve to maximize the law of the spirit in Christ both in us and around us! And increasing our capacity to hear God, obey God, be used by God, and to walk in God’s full blessing and calling in our life!
BUT : WE MUST NOT JUMP INTO A “WORKS RIGHTEOUSNESS” MENTALITY WHILE FASTING AND PRAYING! …………. If we do………..We destroy God’s entire blessing that can come to us through fasting and prayer!………..WE MUST STAY AND ALWAYS MAINTAIN A SPIRITUAL MENTALITY OF GRACE!…….God’s grace is what sustains us in anything we ever do in life……….and GRACE SUSTAINS US WHILE WE FAST AND PRAY!


WE GET INTO “works righteousness” only when we are not fully surrendered to God. GOD’S GRACE FLOWS AND REMAINS WITH THOSE WHO ARE SURRENDERED TO HIM!


People That Fasted in the Bible

1. Jesus said: “When you fast…”  He assumes fasting is a spiritual discipline we
choose to build into the fabric of our regular life as a believer.
2. Jesus fasted
3. The disciples fasted
4. Moses fasted
5. King Ahab fasted
6. King Darius fasted
7. Daniel fasted
8. David fasted
9. Ezra fasted
10. Samuel fasted
11. Elijah fasted
12. Esther fasted
13. Widows fasted
14. The Children of Israel fasted each year on the Day of Atonement as well as other
designated times.
15. John the Baptist fasted
16. Anna the prophetess fasted
17. The Apostle Paul fasted
18. The early church leaders fasted
19. Early church believers fasted


REASONS FOR FASTING IN THE BIBLE  (Just in the Old Testament)

1. Before war or the threat of war – Judges 20: 6, 1 Sam 7: 6
2. When loved ones are sick – 2 Sam 12: 16-23
3. When loved ones died – 1 Sam 31: 13, 1 Chron 10: 12, 2 Sam 1: 12
4. Because of sin – Deut 9: 15-18, 1 Kings 21: 17-29, Jonah 3: 4-10, Dan 9: 3-5,
Neh 9: 1-3
5. When faced with impending danger – 2 Chr 20: 3, Ezra 8: 21, Neh 1: 4, Esther 4:3,16
6. To remember certain calamities in their past history – Jer 52: 12-13,  Jer 41,
2 Kings 25: 1-4
7. Isaiah 58: 6-14     Pertaining To Prayer and Fasting

– Can destroy wickedness
– Can lift oppression
– Can break bondage/addictions
– Minimize your food and feed others in need
– Help the needy and especially your own family
– Can cause breakthrough and healing for your life
– Can bring blessing, protection, and God’s clear voice to your life
– Repent of your judgments towards others and humble yourself, and God’s increased
Grace and health can be yours (spiritual & physical)
– We can become a blessing to all those around us and to our generations to come